NCCD just got easier with JUNIPA.

Perfect for NCCD in the online-learning world and easier and more powerful than using spreadsheets for NCCD. Welcome to the easiest tool to define, apply and track NCCD adjustments in your school.

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Use Cases

For Teachers

The NCCD tool designed by Teachers

JUNIPA helps teachers monitor, collaborate, and deliver adjustments to students. We fit into your day, not force you into ours.

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For Welfare staff

Connect the adjustments to the individual

Go from support plans to progress for each student, in one collaborative reporting tool.

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For Principals

The tool for NCCD Audit Compliance

Capture NCCD Adjustments in JUNIPA - a tool that will empower everyone in your school to participate.

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Stay compliant with NCCD and The Department of Education




Daily / Weekly tracker

Tracking based on your daily and weekly load.

Goal maintenance and review

Track anniversaries, forecast results and maintain student focus.

Contextual based events

Events are recorded based on time and location of event tracking

Student tracking

Realise changes to student record, identifying issues before impact..


Receive messages throughout the day of student adjustments, case notes or events impacting each student.

Lesson plan adjustments

The tools to fine tune lesson plans at the student level.

Case Workers

For Well being officers and Case workers

Case Load Manager

Tracking based on your daily case load assignments.

Student Journal

Understand the adjustment, events that lead to individual student outcomes

Adjustment Narrative

Fine tune lesson plans at the student level.

Significant Event Anniversaries

Fine tune lesson plans at the student level.

Goal settings

Track anniversaries, help students achieve individual learning and behaviour outcomes.


For Principals

Quality of teaching

Improving quality of teaching and student outcomes.

School maintenance

Enrollments, Grades, Subjects, Teacher assignments scheduling.


Monitor NCCD Compliance obligations at a school and student level.

NCCD Forecasting

Forecast NCCD Funding based on compliance obligations and school intake.

Cost reduction

Yearly roll-overs, Backups and Automated reports on Student Outcomes.

Audit Preparation

Robust student records showing adjustments and long term care

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Adjustments and NCCD in Australia


$28.8 billion

Available in national funding for student with disability loading from 2018-2029.


Of Australian Schools report a
Level of Adjustment


Of Schools meet
Extensive Levels of Adjustment

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