Cedar College is a Reception to Year 12 co-educational independent Christian School, in the growing suburb of Northgate, South Australia.

Tackling the challenge of NCCD inclusion across an entire school is no small feat. That’s precisely what Junipa set out to do at Cedar College. The staff there were already implementing inclusive practices, but they needed a more streamlined approach to collect and share data transparently. Junipa helped bring clarity to the process.

“My school has entered its second year of working with Junipa, having used it for High School only in 2023, and rolling it out into the whole school in 2024. The main advantages of using the program have been the ease of collecting a high volume and variety of data, excellent summaries of the data collected for individual students, and the simple monitoring of staff engagement. One unexpected and pleasing benefit has been the discoveries of students not previously identified as having learning needs or being in the NCCD, whose needs require investigation.

Jason and Stephen have been helpful and approachable at all times, and I have appreciated their willingness to include features or make changes requested by the school. I feel confident that we will pass an audit well, because we have all our data in one place and have been able to draw accurate conclusions about students’ disability levels.

“We’ve been using Junipa since the 2019-2020 reporting year. The Junipa team got us up and running quickly and made customisations to meet our specific needs, giving us far greater confidence in our NCCD compliance.”

– Sandie Gardner, High School Adaptive Education Coordinator, Cedar College, Northgate, South Australia

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